Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY and Bargain Buy

So as of late, my closet has been kind of stale. And yes, with me trying to save any little sum of money I get these days, clothes shopping really hasn't been a top priority. (Sad day. Believe me, I KNOW.) And closet staleness is to be expected. It happens. You guys all know I like to closet shop though, so duh, that's definitely what I've been doing recently-with a twist!

I've always had a knack for sewing up little things and making improvisations (dang, is that a word?) to clothes but I can't lie and say I've been keeping up with that like I should. I've been so bored lately though, that I've slowly picked the hobby back up. Within the first few seconds of my hand reuniting with needle and thread, I was instantaneously converted back to the old, craftier Janet. So basically, besides raiding my closet as usual, I've updated a couple of things. Gotta keep things fresh. You know.

The first picture is a collage (or just a double picture, I guess?) of remodeled shirts my friend Trey and I did. One of our good friends had an old lady floral shirt accompanied with an old lady brown gross sweater thing that I decided to turn into a fanny pack crop top. (OBSESSED WID DA FANNY) Trey hooked up her 80's blazer, and now it's a trendy half tie-shirt thingy that everybody's rocking nowadays. We both just sat for hours, hand-sewing these pieces and forgetting about the time. The sun was literally coming up when we left...

Secondly, that navy blue, polka dotted romper was a nice little thrift find a year ago when it was a dress. Sadly, a year passes and I hadn't worn it because it was TOO short of a dress. No matter, I just took some scissors , needle and thread to it and wahlah-romper FTW.

Last but not least is my bargain buy of the day. Got two pairs of ankle boots, a shirt and a skirt for $6.50 at J. Crew! No I'm just kidding, at the thrift store, duh. I'm like a broken record with that. Anyways, it was quite successful. But enough about me. Really, that was just too much. Hahaha anyways, feel free to leave your thoughts. I love comments! Till next time


  1. What an entertaining post to read. So up-lifting! Can't wait to re-vamp some of my own pieces! Till next time, ya'll!

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  3. I love that romper!!! What a great find

    xx Katrina

    1. Thanks! It was actually a dress I made into a romper. Pretty sweet deal! Haha

  4. I need to do some revamping in my closet too! I tend to just donate everything and then go shopping again, it's horrible!

    Loving your blog =]