Monday, April 23, 2012


Amazing isn't it?! Technology, that is. Before I start raving about how in love with it I am and how I would like to consummate this love sooner than later, let me once again apologize for my absence. But I won't repeat the phrase I usually do: life is crazy, and so many new things have been happening that I'll fill you guys in on later! Ok there, I repeated it. Well anyways, during this hiatus of mine I acquired an iPhone due to an upgrade, so yeah, I finally became a "cool kid". My favorite part about having an Apple product (OF COURSE) is indeed Instagram. So the other day, I was thinking of ways I could update while I'm out of a computer right now. My phone came to mind, but the browser didn't support uploading pictures from your phone. I discovered this Blogger app not too long after and decided I would just post instagrammed blog posts until I can do otherwise. Better this than nothing, I figured! So that's where I am right now with the blogging, and I hope you guys enjoy this route. Different, but not really. These days a filtered picture is a filtered picture is a filtered picture. Did that make any sense? I won't lie and act as if I'm not just a tad bit delirious today. If you couldn't tell by my rambling...All of this being said, this post has no theme. I just figured I'd put up some pictures of random photos of things that have occurred between now and the last time I've updated. Hope you guys enjoy! I promise I'll be back with actual outfit posts regularly, seeing as how I've discovered this app. And until the computer is back in action, I'll be instablogging my little heart out! P.S.- follow me on instagram if you would like! @janetnneoma


  1. you are gorgeous girl! and yes, instagram is quite addicting isn't it? :)

    1. Thank you pretty lady! And omg, it's too addicting. Too good. Haha :)

  2. Instablogging is my favorite thing to do. Instagram is the most amazing thing ever invited.