Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stoop Kid

Today was a rainy Tuesday, as has been the popular thing with the weather for the past few days. Not that I minded too much, a little rain's good every now and then. But because of said rain, my sister refused to leave the stoop to take pictures in a better location. Hence the stoop kid title, haha.

I didn't do much today. It's actually been a pretty boring, drab day. Hopefully tomorrow will have something more exciting attached to it. But for today, I thought a long muumuu-like dress with a belt to cinch it fit the mood. Of course I'm once again rocking my new boots. Well new, new. The pair from the last post were just so uncomfortable, I went back to the thrift store yesterday to find another identical pair. Not too hard, those type of boots are commonplace in the thrift world.

I said something a few weeks back about wanting one of those plastic chokers that were so huge in the nineties. I've been feeling 12 lately, I guess. At any rate, I haven't gotten my hands on any lately, (or looked for any, really) so I just cut the bottom of a black skirt and made a DIY choker for the time being. It was so easy and serves the same purpose as the plastic ones, so I'm thinking I'll just keep on rocking this one through and through.

What are some cool DIY things you guys have been into doing lately? I'd definitely love to hear some tips/stories/suggestions. Hopefully I can shower you guys with a lot more DIY goodies soon. For now, I'm out though. My eyes have been wanting to close all day for the longest...nap time, here I come...

Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm Talkin' Grunge and Fro

Happy Friday everyone! And what a good and bright Friday it is. I'm typing from a computer at the moment, so I am ecstatic, as odd as that sounds (but not really, considering how I've had to use my phone to blog the past few times!). I won't lie, long nails and typing on a keyboard dont mix, though. When will I ever learn? I haven't been on a computer in so long, I'd forgotten, haha. 

Anyways, today I was feeling grungy, if you couldn't tell from the outfit. Pulled out my tribal print skort, (you read that correctly, SKORT) side-cropped a printed tee, busted out the new Spice Girl boots with the regular cut-off vest, and called it a freaking day! No effort and alot of 90's inspiration is what this is, kids. I have no idea why my style has been reverting back to grunge lately. Even my music. I've been on an overload of Joy Division, Nirvana (obvs), The Misfits, At The Drive In, any other random typical grunge band you can think of...but who am I kidding? We all know my soul resides where the plaid and shredded tees are.

Man, oh man. I'm loving these new babies of mine aka Spice Girl ankle boots. I have to do a little bit of squeezing to wear them, but don't call me crazy and we all have our own vices, OKAY.

So I know I do this ADHD thing where I not only jump from subject to subject (what's a segue?) and sometimes bust out these new looks without any explanation, so I figured now is as good a time as any to update you guys on my hair transformation! Check the above pic: the fro abides. :) I've done practically every (bad) thing to my hair under the sun, and a couple of months ago, my hair was so dry and damaged that I really didn't see any chance for a hair future if i didn't shave the mess. So shave the mess I did, and of course it's been different, and I'm a girl, so yeah duh, I miss my hair 50 percent of the time (although I rarely think about it anymore), but the fro growth and healthiness is pretty cool as well. And yes, to be cliched: It's hair, it'll grow back.

Everything: Thrifted

Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY and Bargain Buy

So as of late, my closet has been kind of stale. And yes, with me trying to save any little sum of money I get these days, clothes shopping really hasn't been a top priority. (Sad day. Believe me, I KNOW.) And closet staleness is to be expected. It happens. You guys all know I like to closet shop though, so duh, that's definitely what I've been doing recently-with a twist!

I've always had a knack for sewing up little things and making improvisations (dang, is that a word?) to clothes but I can't lie and say I've been keeping up with that like I should. I've been so bored lately though, that I've slowly picked the hobby back up. Within the first few seconds of my hand reuniting with needle and thread, I was instantaneously converted back to the old, craftier Janet. So basically, besides raiding my closet as usual, I've updated a couple of things. Gotta keep things fresh. You know.

The first picture is a collage (or just a double picture, I guess?) of remodeled shirts my friend Trey and I did. One of our good friends had an old lady floral shirt accompanied with an old lady brown gross sweater thing that I decided to turn into a fanny pack crop top. (OBSESSED WID DA FANNY) Trey hooked up her 80's blazer, and now it's a trendy half tie-shirt thingy that everybody's rocking nowadays. We both just sat for hours, hand-sewing these pieces and forgetting about the time. The sun was literally coming up when we left...

Secondly, that navy blue, polka dotted romper was a nice little thrift find a year ago when it was a dress. Sadly, a year passes and I hadn't worn it because it was TOO short of a dress. No matter, I just took some scissors , needle and thread to it and wahlah-romper FTW.

Last but not least is my bargain buy of the day. Got two pairs of ankle boots, a shirt and a skirt for $6.50 at J. Crew! No I'm just kidding, at the thrift store, duh. I'm like a broken record with that. Anyways, it was quite successful. But enough about me. Really, that was just too much. Hahaha anyways, feel free to leave your thoughts. I love comments! Till next time