Saturday, December 3, 2011

Prodigal Blogger

Hey again, everyone...or the select few that actually even venture over to check my blog out! Either way, hello and sorry (once again) for the hiatus. Needless to say (although I will say it): LIFE HAS BEEN CRAZY. Long story short, I moved locations once again, and this time am very happy with my living situation. My roommate and I even adopted a little kitty to complete our household trifecta. And yes, little Edie is quite adorable. Anyhow, enough with the formalities, I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't been kidnapped and dragged away to a third world country or anything interesting like that! 

So as you can see, a little bit of involuntary remodeling has been going on with my page...some months ago I noticed that all of my pictures that accompanied my posts began to disappear! Begrudgingly, I went through and did a major spring cleaning, deleting all of those old posts, and weeping all the while. (Just kidding. But I wasn't completely ecstatic about the whole thing, either.) Anyhow, I figured why not regroup, and come back with a fresh new blog? So that's what this is, and of course a blog makeover (layout-wise) is going to happen very soon, so be expecting that. The whole "deleting of old pictures" deal has gotten me pumped about updating regularly, so all in all, it's not such a bad thing. Not to mention the fact that I've had blog/vlog fever lately, and have been obsessing over alot of newfound bloggers, if you must know.

With all of that being said, I'll quit babbling (doubtful). The above outfit was something i wore out a couple of nights ago to a show at Bottletree Cafe, here in Birmingham. Alabama Shakes sold out the venue, and of course I wanted to wear something cool, just in case anyone cared to notice, I guess. I mean, I'm sure you guys know how that is! I definitely felt out of place (which is super odd for Bottletree, because well, everyone dresses pretty outrageous at this place...) with my latex leggings, but then again, they are pretty bold. I played around with this weird purple/peach nail color combo, and please ignore the drab finish. I have since removed     the unruly manicure, although I blame my nail painting expertise ALWAYS. And there it is...a long overdue ramble about my outfit. Be expecting more soon, because I am going to try this whole "frequent updating" thing, however foreign it might seem...

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Saturday, and keeping warm in this cold! Bye-Bye...

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