Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Rebirth Of Sorts

*sneaks back onto Blogger and updates as if there was never an absence* Yeah, at this point we really don't even need to clarify my wishy-washiness. Alot of things have changed, alot of things have happened, I've been busy with work/school, blah blah blah. So basically, the usual. But, I've been missing my blog lately, so I figured why not at least try and see if I can't make this updating thing happen every once in a blue moon. Like I said before, I've been swamped with life, and it's been overwhelming. However, it's completely wonderful, and consuming. I enjoy wonderful and consuming, no change there. So like, can we get to the 'fit though?

Basically, my life has shifted in dramatic ways, and so has my wardrobe. It's only right. I've been feeling a lot more edgy lately, (yes, even more than usual) and have been so bored with my wardrobe/fashion choices up until recently. I figured, why not just do it all, go all out and try everything? It's all a process of recycling, as it is. That being said, I took a darker turn with this look. I've got my black velvet skirt on deck, ALWAYS. I really wear that thing everyday, it seems. Every other day, at least. I figured, throw an off white sweater into the mix, no need to scare absolutely everyone away. Because my obvious first choice was a black one. But this sweater is pretty rad being that it only cost FIFTY CENTS. Fifty American cents, people. And on top of that, it's cozy and slouchy. Yes, my midriff is trying to get all the attention and yes, it was cold but you know how I like to spice things up. Is safety pinning my sweater up to my midriff spicy enough, you guys?? 

Of course, I had to go with my always trusty black lip. Because why not, I've gone this far already. I often forget I've got an intense shade of darkness on my lips whenever I go out and am always confused by the stares. Hahaha, good times, good times..

Anyways, it's a rebirth of sorts for me, you know? I'm just kind of going with the flow right now and seeing where things take me. I'm teaching myself guitar, and writing more. I need to get better, but these things will come. I'll definitely work on filling you guys in more, because I just know how much you all care about my outfits and my life and my etceteras, but all sarcasm aside: if you really do care, that's great and why I'll get better at updating!

Until next time weirdos,